Toddler Room

Toddler Room 1

Toddler Room 2

In the Big Wood toddler rooms, we encourage and foster a nurturing learning environment for your growing children. We create a classroom community where children’s needs are met through positive speaking, talking on their level, and including activities that promote their development and exploration. We have two rooms, Toddler Room 1, licensed for 14 children ranging from 18 months to 2 years of age, and Toddler Room 2, licensed for 21 children ranging from 2 to 3 years of age.

Each child has a name-labeled cot for naps, used only by that child. Parents are asked to provide a blanket for their child, as well as an optional pillow or stuffed animal. All items brought in are requested to be brought home and washed at the end of each week.

Restroom time is every two hours, unless needed outside of that time. Parents and the center talk about potty training at the time of enrollment to ensure that each child’s individual development needs are met.

Special Activities

In the toddler rooms, children participate in a multitude of daily activities, including outside time, large motor time, cooking, science, story time, art, circle time, and song time. The toddlers in room 2 also enjoy short walks outside when the weather permits. We provide weekly updates to parents, as well as a posted weekly lesson plan on the toddler news board. Each of these activities is vital in a well-rounded early childhood education for your child.

Many toys and manipulatives are provided in our toddler rooms, all of which are wide-ranging and age-appropriate. Items included are a variety of manipulatives, blocks, puzzles, small-motor activities, and lacing toys. A quiet area is also provided, including books, dolls, and stuffed animals. A gym space is also available at the center which is used for large-motor development through a variety of activities and games, including balls, a jumper, tunnels, and more.


We believe that as children develop, it is the job of the people around them to provide them with instruction in how to behave. At Big Woods, we have a multi-tiered discipline structure with the intention of teaching children proper ways to interact with those around them. First, an attempt is made to redirect the child or provide an alternate choice. If the problem is not fully addressed, we give warnings. If warnings are not effective, a timeout will occur, which is two minutes or less in length in a quiet area away from potential conflict. After the timeout, the child is redirected to a constructive activity. If frequent timeouts are needed, parents will be needed, and individual behavior plans may be developed for the child if he/she has a persistent behavior problem. This step will be taken after discussion with the parents, teachers, and center director.

Toddler Necessities

On your child’s first day, we ask that you bring diapers/pull-ups, diaper ointment, sun block, a blanket, outside shoes, and extra clothes that are weather and season appropriate.