Enrichment Programs

To accompany our standard curriculum, we also offer a variety of enrichment programs to boost your child’s learning experience at Big Woods Child Care. Here is an overview of our current enrichment programs.


As a music and movement program designed specifically for each stage of a child’s development, Kindermusik incorporates early literacy and language into music and provides activities that stimulate mind, body, and sense of play in children. Kindermusik is offered in 3 different levels so we can accommodate toddler and preschool classroom developmental needs. Kindermusik nurtures and promotes creativity through songs, stories, instruments, music, and activities from every corner of the world.


We use a combination of 2 fitness curriculums; IMIL (I am Moving I am Learning) and CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health). Both curriculums are supported by the State of Minnesota and they encourage their implementation for preschool and school-age programs. Both programs are help to promote physical activity and healthy food choices for young children. The programs encourage and motivate children to walk, run, jump, dance, and move their whole body while playing and having fun!


Spanish is an important language to learn, so we introduce basic Spanish words starting in preschool. We take a themed approach, so each month is based around a theme such as numbers, colors, greetings, body parts, etc. New words are introduced using fun picture cards, games, songs, and books. Simply exposing your child to the Spanish language can be great for their development leading to many cognitive and academic benefits.


Big Woods Child Care embraces LANA (Learning About Nutrition through Activities) to help young children learn to taste, eat, and enjoy more fruits and vegetables in order to promote good health.  LANA is an iguana that really enjoys eating fruits and vegetables. We do a monthly theme focusing on a new fruit or vegetable through cooking projects and learning through puppets which are part of the LANA program. Your child will bring home a recipe card each week to cook at home with you, and they can make notes about whether or not they enjoyed that recipe. This allows parents to take an active role in what their children are enjoying and promote healthy eating habits at home as well.