School-Age Room

School-Age Room 1

School-Age Room 2

At Big Woods, we provide before and after-school programs, as well as no-school-day and summer programs. For the before school program, children are encouraged to participate in quiet and reflective activities, such as reading, games, or other toys. They are given a healthy breakfast and are scheduled time to organize school materials prior to departing for school

The after school program begins with a healthy snack and some outside play time to get some healthy exercise. This time is followed by a supervised homework time. After children finish their homework, they are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, such as cooking, games, and craft projects. “No-School-Day” programs are also offered during winter and spring breaks.

Busing is provided for children within the district. Each child receives a cubby to stow his/her personal items, and we ask that parents check the cubbies daily for work or other notes from the teacher. Naptime is from about 1:30 to 2:40pm. If a child is unable to sleep, he/she may participate in quiet activities. During summer, children are given the option between lying down and participating in a quiet activity.

Please be sure to keep an extra set of clothing that is weather-appropriate, just in case of any spills or accidents. As children go outside twice daily, please provide proper outdoor gear for your child.

We believe that academics extend beyond the normal school day, as children are ever-learning; therefore, we provide a room full of activity areas for all children, including sensory, quiet activities, play time, story time, reading practice, motor skills, writing practice, art, and music. All of our toys and books are age-appropriate, and children enjoy utilizing our board games, flashcards, and building blocks to learn about new and exciting concepts. When weather permits, we encourage outside time and walks, allowing children fresh air and new experiences in and around the center. During the summer, we encourage journal writing, reading practice, and learning enhancement games. The best parts about our summer program are the field trips, outdoor classrooms, water days, and walks!